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Argantina ALAMEIN 120 - Navy blue

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Argantina ALAMEIN 120 - Navy blue



Guanábana gives a twist to its traditional ARGANTINA and makes it a bright and colorful accessory, with semiprecious gemstone beads that bring the sophisticate vibe to this bracelet. The argantina ALAMEIN is hand woven with a special metallic thread that will brighten all your looks, and embellished with litte moonstone beads to create an original and elegant design that you can wear alone or combined with other Guanábana bracelets. Finished with an adjustable closure and a bronze tag with our mantra so you remember it: BE POSITIVE.

Material: woven in acrylic

Width: 5 mm (0,19 inch)

Gemstone: moonstone

Diameter (min-max): 15 cm (5,9 inch) – 26 cm (10,23 inch)

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Data sheet

Price 20 - 50 €
Color Blue
Material Gemstone
Bracelet Model Premium