Anklet - 40 Moustard

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    This Anklet is woven by artisans in Colombia, using ancient techniques. The patterns of our anklets are designed in Madrid headquarters by a happy soul.

    This Anklet is woven on a handloom with 40 threads and you can adjust the anklet to your wrist. Our advice: Wear one anklet or mix it with others!

    The fine details of our handwoven textile anklet make this a unique piece, you will recognize if it is a Guanabana Anklet because of the patterns and by a small medal with our brand name and the words “Be positive” so you can repeat it as a mantra.

    • 40 threads anklet manufactured with manual loom
    • Manufactured with acrylic material which doesn’t fade, so you can bathe with those
    • Adjustable closing with thread makes easier the closing and opening
    • Approximate measurements:

            - Width: 0.3 cm

            - Tape’s Length: 12.5 cm

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